Welcome to the Central Michigan Emergency Network

Central Michigan Emergency Network is focused on creating, operating, coordinating and maintaining free communications networks. These networks are used for:

1. Emergency Communications when other systems go down
2. Research and development in the realm of communications networks
3. A means of free communication for anyone who is or becomes a licensed radio amateur
4. An educational resource in spreading the knowledge of how to create, operate and use such networks
5. To enhance the state of the art in radio communications.
6. To promote organization activities which involve the public regardless of age, race, or sex.
7. To promote emergency and public service communications.

Our main goal is to have a reliable system to talk on and for every one to enjoy and use, that covers Michigan. Please use the system, it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

Latest News

  • Joining East and West Took Years, and Teamwork – W8CMN Mi6 Network Backbone Spanning Central Michigan – SEOC Connected
    We have had a busy start to the first part of May here at W8CMN. We know John, WB8RCR SK is smiling down on all the hard work accomplished the past week. We have brought 55 miles of 10Ghz microwave online going from our site west of Lansing to the State EOC in Diamondale through Lansing towards Williamston and then on to Bancroft. This not only brings dual redundant microwave paths into our State EOC ( 700Mbps to the west and 950Mbps going east ) but also connects our eastern network to the central and now going to our …
  • 2023 Q1 W8CMN Network Update
    While it may have been a while since we have posted what we have been up to at W8CMN we haven’t been relaxing or hibernating.  Let this post be the “First Quarter 2023” W8CMN Network report.  It will cover items related to our grant project and unrelated to the grant.  Nothing will be in a particle order. We have brought online a new site in Shepherd.  This site has Mi5 and Mi6 networks currently active.  Mi6 is fed via microwave point-to-point to Midland 18.84 miles away. The Mi5 pair is the same as our LIN machine on 442.01250.  As …
  • New Mi5 Site Pinconning Online
    Happy New Year from all of us here at W8CMN, but we just couldn’t let the year end without a bang so Jeff and Paul went on Saturday, December 31st to install the new Mi5 Pinconning DMR repeater at our new site.  The repeater is on 444.6250+ or the same pair as our BYN repeater.   The antenna is mounted at 340’ AGL and early range checks prove great coverage.   We had planned on working on a new site here today on Sunday but mother nature had other plans so we scrubbed due to inclement weather.  Here is the …
  • Christmas came early with new Mi5 and Mi6 sites online – 2022-12-12
    It was cold and snowy this past Saturday with Sunday being just plain cold but the teams assembled and accomplished a lot.    Saturday we all gathered at the new Midland tower site which is just southwest of the city of Midland.  When the crews had finished for the day they installed three x 2’ Dishes, one x 2.397Ghz PtMP AP, 5.9Ghz PtMP AP, PTZ Camera, Routers, and Mi5 DMR repeater.  The first three dishes were installed at 275’ and are pointing to our Saginaw/Harris site ( 19.146 Miles ), Pinconning site (26.183 Miles), and Shepherd site (18.84 Miles).  As …
  • 2022 November/October Project Update
    Apologies for the lack of posting the past few weeks but we haven’t been idle. Going to give a post here on the items that we have completed at a number of existing and new sites on the network.  The snow and cold haven’t stopped us, but weather delays have already hampered some plans a few times now.  The following items have been completed from the last half of October and all of November and are in no specific order. Replaced/Upgraded the microwave link from the Holly site to the NWS(WhiteLake) office. 10.2 Miles Installed a new PDU at …