Welcome to the Central Michigan Emergency Network

Central Michigan Emergency Network is focused on creating, operating, coordinating and maintaining free communications networks. These networks are used for:

1. Emergency Communications when other systems go down
2. Research and development in the realm of communications networks
3. A means of free communication for anyone who is or becomes a licensed radio amateur
4. An educational resource in spreading the knowledge of how to create, operate and use such networks
5. To enhance the state of the art in radio communications.
6. To promote organization activities which involve the public regardless of age, race, or sex.
7. To promote emergency and public service communications.

Our main goal is to have a reliable system to talk on and for every one to enjoy and use, that covers Michigan. Please use the system, it’s there for everyone to enjoy.

Latest News

  • Mi5 HAK Site Online
    We have some news about our northern Mi5 Network. With the help of the guys at Ccecpsco we have moved the equipment for Stutsmanville to the Hackleburg site which is in southern Cheboygan county east of I75 / Indian River. The repeater is currently running at 500′ AGL at the site on the same pair as Stuts, 442.08750 +5 CC1. This is the same pair as our Lansing repeater so if your radio was programed for ether site you should be good to go. Our standard TG’s apply as listed on our website. We welcome coverage reports and enjoy …
  • Bay City APRS Digi/Igate Installed – Frankenmuth APRS Repaired
    We have installed a new APRS Digi/Igate at our Bay City tower location on Sunday October 3rd 2021.   BAYCTY is currently running 40 watts from a folded dipole antenna that is 165′ agl located in downtown Bay City. The digi is configured as a fill-in style where it will only repeat packets heard directly that have yet to be repeated.  The digi does however send all packets heard to the APRS-IS stream via our on network arpsc server that all our APRS systems connect to.  Thanks to those members who assembled the parts to bring the unit online and …
  • Mi6WAN Bay County Expansion
    On Sunday July 25th 2021 members of CMN set out to the Bay City site to install the majority of the gear that was purchased with the help from the Bay Area Community Foundation grant that was received.  This grant allowed for the purchase of the Point to Multi-Point Access points, Routers, Back-hauls and other parts needed to expand our Mi6WAN network ring into Bay County and provide coverage for the Hams in Bay County along with served agencies. The week prior teams went and installed the “Master” back-haul radios at two of our existing sites Gera and Covenant …