Mi7 Network Update – 2023-07

Update on changes we have done to our Mi7 network. First up our chat services.  Instead of having BPQCHAT instances on each node then linking each of those BPQ chats we have moved to a single Chat instance in the east datacenter.  So when you connect to any of the 30+ Mi7 nodes and type CHAT you are connected to the single instance via the NETROM network.   This change brings in line how other BPQ based networks have re-tooled chat and linking which now allows us to be connected to the large world wide chat network.  So connect up to chat and find conversations with stations all around the world now.

Having spun up the new data center chat instance we have also added a full service BBS as well to that instance.   This full service BBS is connected to the world wide ham packet network and allows for direct mail between stations as well as the full bulletins feed coming in as well.  While not replacing Winlink at all it does allow for those users who wanted the classic packet experience a place to have it.  Just connect to any node and type BBS at the prompt to be connected to our full service BBS.

Your packet mail address is yourcallsign@W8CMN.MI.USA.NOAM

If there are any other non-mi7 BBS looking to setup mail forwarding please drop by chat or email directors@w8cmn.net to get setup.

Here is a screenshot of Outpost connected to our packet mail system.