Mi8 GMRS Network

We are building out a linked GMRS Network of repeaters to expand our reach to other non-amateur radio based licensed operators and expose them to a free communication system for anyone who has a GMRS license and provide a path towards amateur radio. The Mi8 system is open to all licensed GMRS users and as such DOES NOT require permission.

*** Rules for repeaters and network ***

– Be sure to leave time in between transmissions so that others may join the conversation.

– English is the only language permitted on the system.

– Foul language, political discussions, citizens band terminology, rodger beeps and ANI are strictly prohibited.

– Constant short transmissions “kerchunking” in order to test repeater coverage is prohibited.

– Stations must identify with their FULL callsign every fifteen minutes and when they clear from the frequency.

– All nets and formal gatherings on the air must be approved by Central Michigan Emergency Network / Mi8 or the repeater custodian.

– Please conduct yourself in a kind and professional manner.

Violation of any of these rules may result in a ban from all Mi8 repeaters.

While radio checks are not specifically banned, we discourage the practice. If you truly need a radio check, just toss your call out. When someone responds simply ask how your doing into the repeater. The incessant “radio checks” are annoying as hell…

Click here for our Hub’s audio stream.

LocationOutputInputTone INTone OUTCallsignNetwork Status
Cheboygan462.6750467.6750141.3141.3WRKU998Linked to Hub
Flint462.7250467.7250141.3141.3WRPA678Linked to Hub
Detroit462.6250467.6250141.3141.3WRVT634Linked to Hub
Mt.Clemens462.6750467.6750141.3141.3WRUU850Linked to Hub
Saginaw462.5750467.5750141.3141.3WRHW499Linked to Hub
Mayville462.5500467.5500141.3141.3WRHW499Linked to Hub