The Mi6WAN network is our Internet Protocol (IP) Based network. Utilizing microwave, fiber and wireless connections we have built a High-Speed Point to Point and Point to Multipoint network using standards based protocols and RF gear. Our links are measured in MBPS not bps like traditional ax.25 based amateur radio based networks. We are currently allocated subnets from the [|AMPRNet] 44/8 of 44.103/19 and 44.103.32/21. These subnets we have allocated down to our different sites for the needs of our network. We primarily transport data in support of our other projects as IP is becoming more and more the standard to transport audio/video/data.

Following the standards of our [ Home Page|HamWAN] brothers out west we do use [|Mikrotik] routers for all our sites as well as for some of the RF gear were applicable.

We are currently live at 39 different sites with our Mi6WAN gear which means there is a router handing out some Mi6WAN space at the site for use. Our two data centers handle the primary BGP announcements to the rest of the internet. For those 44 users not BGP announced that traffic is handled via the USCD AMPRGW. If an adjoining network would like we do offer static IPIP Encap peering as well.

We are adding more Point to Multipoint connects with Mikrotik NV2 RF gear. To allow the ability of end users to connect to our access points as they are funded. We are using Mikrotik NV2 TDMA protocol to handle over the air with 10mhz channels in the amateur 5.9ghz band away from part-15 users.