New Lansing Site Online – Lansing Work Party 2022-10-08

We are announcing that we have brought a new site online in the Lansing area. Lansing Collins is located on top of the new McLaren Greater Lansing campus building. The site currently has 5.9Ghz PtMP Sectors and 2.397ghz PtMP Omni online for client radios to connect to. This site is also serving as a hub linking the SEOC, Williamston, Dansville, Lansing David, and Lansing Woodlawn sites with PtP links in the 10ghz and 5ghz frequencies range.

While most of the work was done at the Collins site a team also visited our other Lansing sites to install new PtP radios to link toward the Collins site. At our Lansing David site besides the link to Collins, we installed a new UPS, router, and switch to handle upgraded connectivity. The router at that site was 12 years old and ready for retirement.

PTZ Cameras were also installed at the Lansing sites to allow for the weather monitoring project that we are also working on deploying. Current snapshots are at the link here.

The day started before 0500 for several folks and some did not get back home till 0100 Sunday morning. It was a long hard windy day and we want to thank all those who spent the day building networks to support other hams here in Michigan. Mike N8OBU, Jeff KB8SWR, Cameron N9KOP, Paul KC8ELQ, Ben KE8MWN, Jeff KC8PUN, Michelle KC8UMO, and Fred W8FSM thank you for the hard work.