Bay City APRS Digi/Igate Installed – Frankenmuth APRS Repaired

We have installed a new APRS Digi/Igate at our Bay City tower location on Sunday October 3rd 2021.   BAYCTY is currently running 40 watts from a folded dipole antenna that is 165′ agl located in downtown Bay City. The digi is configured as a fill-in style where it will only repeat packets heard directly that have yet to be repeated.  The digi does however send all packets heard to the APRS-IS stream via our on network arpsc server that all our APRS systems connect to.  Thanks to those members who assembled the parts to bring the unit online and install it on a Sunday afternoon.

While members were on site installing the gear they took to the time to clean up the rack from the microwave install that was done the month prior.  The microwave day install was a very long one and we got things running basically knowing we would need to come back and clean them up.

Here is a photo of the rack once completed. Can se the APRS Digi/I-Gate on the bottom shelf.


While our members were out on Sunday they also visited the Frankenmuth site and replaced the failing TNC that provides a fill-in APRS Digi/I-Gate as well.  This site is now running full time again.  Thanks again to those members who provided the parts and time to fix the site.