Mi6WAN Bay County Expansion

On Sunday July 25th 2021 members of CMN set out to the Bay City site to install the majority of the gear that was purchased with the help from the Bay Area Community Foundation grant that was received.  This grant allowed for the purchase of the Point to Multi-Point Access points, Routers, Back-hauls and other parts needed to expand our Mi6WAN network ring into Bay County and provide coverage for the Hams in Bay County along with served agencies.

The week prior teams went and installed the “Master” back-haul radios at two of our existing sites Gera and Covenant North which are providing the multi-path/ring into the county.  So that when the team arrived at the Bay City site they were able to get to work and have ability to align and bring the site online.   We did have a temporary PtMP connection to our Rosien cluster that was allowing our DMR repeater network connectivity while we worked on the grant.

It was a warm one working on the roof and we here at CMN would like to thank the following for showing up at sunup to spend the whole day climbing, running lines and getting dirty to make everything work.  Mike N8OBU, Jeff KB8SWR, Paul KC8ELQ, Lorn KF8F, Nevin KE8QLA, Ben KE8MWN, and Ben’s son.

We still have a few pieces of gear left to install from the Bay Area Community Foundation grant.  One of which is at the Bay County EOC and another site in the city as well.  The EOC will have a direct Point to Point link into our network once we can make the site visit to install.

We installed both 5.9Ghz and 2.4Ghz PtMP Access Points.  These are running our Mikrotik NV2 standard like our other sites.  You can find our basic client configuration on our website under the Mi6WAN menu and client config.  If you are ordering radios make sure they are the International or ROW versions especially for the 5ghz radios.  The US locked radios will not be able to use our frequency table.

Some photos from the install: