2022 November/October Project Update

Apologies for the lack of posting the past few weeks but we haven’t been idle. Going to give a post here on the items that we have completed at a number of existing and new sites on the network.  The snow and cold haven’t stopped us, but weather delays have already hampered some plans a few times now.  The following items have been completed from the last half of October and all of November and are in no specific order.

  • Replaced/Upgraded the microwave link from the Holly site to the NWS(WhiteLake) office. 10.2 Miles
  • Installed a new PDU at Holly
  • Installed the new 442.3500+ Analog repeater on Holly2
  • Installed the new microwave link from Dansville to LansingCollins. 12.8 Miles
  • Replaced/Upgraded the Dansville router and site switch
  • Installed new 2.397Ghz PtMP Omni on Dansville
  • Brought a new site online in Mio
  • Installed a new Mi5 DMR Repeater in Mio 444.7000+ CC1
  • Brought a new site online in Mayville(Mayville2)
  • Linked Mayville1 to Mayville2 via AirFiber60. 1.02 Miles
  • Installed replacement link from Gera to Mayville. Replacing 3ghz PtP 19.2 Miles
  • Installed link from Mayville2 to CassCity. 25.8 Miles
  • Installed master radio from Mayville2 to upcoming Caro site
  • Installed new 2.397Ghz PtMP Omni on Mayville2
  • Brought a new site online in CassCity
  • Replaced/Upgraded the router at the Harrison site.
  • Replaced the Rosien to Harrison link with AirFiber60. 1 Mile
  • Installed link from Harrison to Baycity1. 12 Miles
  • Installed master radios at Harrison for links to upcoming sites in Bridgeport, Burt, and Midland
  • Brought a new site online in Baycity(Baycity2)
  • Installed AirFiber60 link from Baycity1 to Baycity2. 1.02 Miles
  • Installed master radios on Baycity2 for upcoming sites in Pinconning and Midland
  • PTZ Cameras have been installed on Holly, Mayville, and Saginaw
  • Installed 5.9Ghz PtMP Omni on CovenantNorth Site
  • Brought new Mi6 site online in Merriman
  • Configured PtMP Sectors and Omni for Lapeer site along with new PoE switch
  • Installed new servers in the east data center.

Just a small “list” of items checked off that has been accomplished in the past few weeks around here.  Nights and weekends have been jam-packed working to get all this done. And we would be unable to do it without all those that have shown up to help the past few weeks in no particular order.
Bill, KE8NKN
Cameron, N9KOP
Dan, W2PUT
Fred Sr, KC8UMP
Jeff, KB8SWR
Jeff, KC8PUN
Kevin, KB8TAR
Mike, N8OBU
Michelle, KC8UMO
Paul, KC8BDK
Paul, KC8ELQ
Randy, N8VDS
Rick, KC8VOA
Rodger, WJ8V
Tim, WM8A

BayCity1 Site with links to Gera, Harrison, BayCity2 and PtMP Sectors.
The upgraded C-Bridge for our DMR network and 4 channels of Analog patching below it.
Jeff on the Holly Site
Tim WM8A Helping at the Holly site assemble a dish.
Programming the new PoE switch for Lapeer site to power the new PtMP Sectors and Omni